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This Is A Post About Walkie Talkies

It's pretty crazy to think that we'd write a post about Walkie Talkies being a new feature in a modern collaboration system. Yet, here we are. Microsoft Teams has rolled out its Walkie Talkie feature.

We've been testing out the Walkie Talkie feature for over a week now and it really brings out opportunities for collaboration amongst the team, especially with people working further apart. It provides a fun alternative to a group chat or meeting for an informal "Hey!".

If you have ever used the Sprint/Nextel feature from years ago, or really, an actual Walkie Talkie, you'll be familiar with how it works:

  1. People join a Walkie Talkie Channel

  2. One at a time, people can talk by pressing the talk button

  3. Anyone on the channel can hear who is talking

All you need is a mobile device running Microsoft Teams and the feature enabled by your IT Department. It's simple, seemingly archaic, yet, a blast!

The feature is not going to be for every office or department. That said, here are a couple of use case examples:

  • A quick communication channel for warehouse workers

  • Method for a smaller group of teammates to stay in touch throughout the day

  • Field Worker Communications for out of the office workers

  • Communication Channels for each store or office

  • Used for events and coordination

  • A simpler method for low-tech environments or technology resistant staff to communicate on Teams

  • Just a fun way for your staff to communicate internally

There are even dedicated devices available that support the feature:

You can click here to learn more about using the Walkie Talkie feature in Microsoft Teams. Don't forget to contact your IT resource to enable the feature if you want to test it out!

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