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IT Services for Unions

CoreIT Management

Business IT, Upgraded.

The IT industry is always changing.  A business now has access to technology and applications that are more cost effective, accessible anywhere, and enable new ways to work.  In parallel with great advantages, this can also create new challenges.

At Aevo, of course we want to provide great IT support, but that’s not enough. 


We want to be part of the culture in your Union that leads to successfully implementing the right technologies into your workflow. Our CoreIT service is a complete technology solution designed to support, maintain, and evolve your Union's computer technology infrastructure at a budget and pace that aligns with your company's vision.

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We include support services with our CoreIT platform to help with the unique challenges a Union faces.  

Some of those services include:

  • Grievance Management Application and Vendor Support​​

  • Member Management System Support

  • Dues System Support

  • Front Office Member Skills Training

  • Board Ready Solutions Project Proposals

  • Regular Technology Planning and Management

  • Onsite and Remote Steward/Rep Support

  • AI and Copilot Enablement

  • Executive Team Technology Training

  • Cloud File System Management 

  • Workflow Modernization Planning for Union Processes

  • Union Technology Equipment Discounts

  • Remote Workforce Collaboration Training

  • And more!

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