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Who We Are

Aevo is an IT solutions provider that enables businesses to benefit from modern technologies.


Our leadership has spent more than 15 years designing, implementing, and supporting successful technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. 


We have delivered successful IT solutions for a wide range of industries including Law Firms, Architectural Design, Union, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Accounting, IT Departments, MSPs, and more!

Our Vision

Our vision blends modern infrastructure design with organizational process intelligence so that not only is your IT stable and reliable, but also enhances your workflow and business culture.

Whether you are a startup ready for IT, an established business looking for a change, or a larger entity seeking new solutions, we believe a business of any size and in any industry can benefit from our approach.

CoreIT Management

Business IT, Upgraded.

The IT industry is always changing.  A business now has access to technology and applications that are more cost effective, accessible anywhere, and enable new ways to work.  In parallel with great advantages, this can also create new challenges.

At Aevo, of course we want to provide great IT support, but that’s not enough. 


We want to be part of the culture in your business that leads to successfully implementing the right technologies into your workflow to improve productivity and add value to your business.

Our CoreIT service is a complete support solution designed to support, maintain, and evolve your company's computer technology infrastructure at a budget and pace that aligns with your company's vision.

Cyber Security Awareness Program

Embrace a security mindset

There are great solutions to reduce the risk of compromised identity.  However, they don't replace the importance of equipping your team to handle modern threats like phishing and ransomware.

Aevo’s Security Awareness Program exists to help educate your staff on these new threats to help arm them with the skills needed to reduce risks even further. 

Our program is designed to be easy to implement and can be a catalyst for increasing security awareness and general email security knowledge to protect the individual and your business.

Business Modernization

Transform how you use technology

Whether it's old technology, old processes, a lack of resources, or simply just time for something new, we are here to help.


Aevo can assist with the total design and implementation of your company's digital transformation. 


Our approach allows us to fully integrate new technology and workflows at a budget and pace that aligns with your goals.

Skill and Workflow Development

Enable success for your staff

From technology adoption support, to use-case brainstorms, to system administration training, to basic "How To's", to cloud enablement, to our Security Awareness Program for your staff.

We support your people, wherever they are, not just the technology they use.  Aevo can help your team and technology find success through meaningful consulting and coaching.

Our team can help with organized and focused training workshops as well as individual workflow, documentation, and technology use development.

IT Infrastructure Services

Support for your entire environment

Computers. Servers. Networking. Firewalls. Internet. Identity. On-Premise. Hybrid. Virtual. The Cloud. Disaster Recovery Planning.

Every business is different.  We can design, implement, and maintain your infrastructure solutions with a focus on reliability, performance, and security.

We offer services for businesses of all sizes as well as IT Departments and Service providers.

Modern Collaboration

Empowered communications

Phones. Teams. IM. Screen Sharing.  Remote Offices. Meeting Technology. Presentation. Whiteboarding.

The modern office establishes a culture that utilizes modern tools for collaborating and communicating with its departments and teams. 

Through process development and proper implementation, Aevo can help lead your management and staff through this journey.

Subject Matter Experts

Expertise you can count on

Microsoft 365. Google G Suite. ERP. CRM. PSA. RMM.  Practice and Document Management. Revit. Inventor.  Workflow to Automation.


Adobe to Zebra, and everything in between.

Aevo's passion for technology drives a thirst for knowledge that allows us to support and design solutions catered specifically to the technology that you use towards the direction you want to head.

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