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Free Stock Images and Media for Microsoft 365 Subscribers

A couple of months ago, Microsoft started rolling out its "Premium Content Library" to beta testers. This library is a collection of stock photos, illustrations, and videos for businesses to use within the Microsoft 365 Office suite.

Rather than pay extra for the use of this library, the intent was for it to be an additional benefit to being a Microsoft 365 subscriber. You can use these images and videos in your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for no additional charge.

The feature is leaving beta in the near future and will soon be ready for your business to utilize!

How do I add premium content to my document?

The feature will be available for office on the web as well as the desktop version. To test this today, you'll need to be running the "Insider" version of Office 365, you should contact your IT resource if you want to get access to this.

However, if you wait, the update is rolling out of beta soon. One of the initial releases will be to add "illustrations" to Powerpoint.

Here's an example of adding a premium illustration in PowerPoint:

  1. Open Powerpoint

  2. Insert Tab -> Icons

  3. Select the "Illustrations" tab

  4. Search and Pick an image

You can then adjust the image as you need, from resizing to recoloring it! The images are completely licensed for your business to use!

Again, it's still rolling out, if you don't already see the feature available for you, you can expect to see it soon. Don't want to wait? Reach out to your IT resource to have it enabled.

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