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Training In A Minute - How To Pop Out A Teams Chat

As we near the end of 2021, there's a good chance you are using Microsoft Teams or a solution like it in your business. Sometimes you may find that you don't want to have the entire Teams interface available to you, or you want to "Pop out" a conversation into its own window to give it focus.

The "Pop-out Chat" feature is here to do just that!

How to use the pop-out chat feature via the chat list

  1. Select "Chat" on the left side of teams

  2. Hover over and double-click the chat that you want to pop out into its own window

There are several other "Pop-Out" chat shortcuts throughout teams. You can even type in "/pop" in the command box to choose a chat to pop out. You can learn more about the "Pop-out chat" feature here.

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