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Training In A Minute: Save Time and Clicks With Pins!

A quick search online will show you several studies that point out how much time a worker wastes searching for content.

Take a minute to think about how much time it takes for you to find the folder, file, or thread you are looking for. Five seconds here, a minute there, maybe even more time depending on what you need to find. Multiply that by the dozens or hundreds of times you open files, folders, and emails in a given day and there might be more time wasted looking information.

A fantastic way to reclaim time is to use the search features available to you. Searching has come a long way and is a key method for quickly finding what you are looking for. That said, sometimes it's a lot easier to pin, favorite, or create a shortcut for you most frequently accessed conversations, folders, and email.

Here are three pins and shortcuts we use every day:

Pin Teams Conversations

If you know anything about Aevo, you know we are big fans of Microsoft Teams. Simplicity is key for a successful Teams implementation, but it's even more important for you to be able to easily keep focus on the content that matters to you. Pinning conversations is a simple feature that can help with just that!

  1. Right click a Channel or Chat

  2. Select "Pin"

  3. The Chat or Channel will now show at the top of the screen so it is easier to find.

Favorite Specific Outlook Folders

If you find yourself scrolling through your mailbox frequently for the same folders over and over, this is a feature made just for you! It is also very useful when you are working with multiple mailboxes as you can help simplify and organize the folders you work with.

  1. Right click a folder in Outlook

  2. Select "Add to favorites"

Pin Folders To Windows Quick Access

This feature has been around for a long time but we seldom see anyone use it. Pin the key folders you work with frequently and you'll be able to quickly access them whenever you go to open a file!

  1. Open File Explorer (Press Win + E)

  2. Navigate to a folder that you want to pin

  3. Right click the folder

  4. Select "Pin to Quick Access"

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