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Training In A Minute: How To Share An E-mail From Outlook To Teams

E-mail is a pretty incredible technology. With just a click a message can be sent thousands of miles in just a minute. And yet, for a while now, sometimes E-mail is just too slow and cumbersome!

Perhaps you've come across this scenario:

  • Someone emails you and/or a group of people looking for more information or providing information about something you are working on

  • You need to collaborate on this with someone in your office

  • You forward the email (or you/someone replies to the email without the outside sender) to communicate internally about the message

  • It's possible you'll end up picking up the phone and calling someone because that's just easier than emailing back and forth

  • Maybe you are even emailing attachments of a document as well so they can review what you are talking about

The end result is that you were able to collaborate, but without taking advantage of modern technologies available to you. Your inbox might have numerous messages back and forth about the email and there might now be multiple copies of the same document on various email.

There's a pretty simple solution for that. Use a modern collaboration system. If you are using Microsoft 365, that means using Teams.

One simple button now exists to make that scenario a whole lot easier!

Sharing an email into Microsoft Teams

  1. Select an email

  2. Click "Share To Teams"

  3. Select a Team and Channel to save to

  4. That's it!

Once the email is there, you can use Teams to communicate and collaborate.

Any attachments are saved where everyone in the Team can access them. And, a call, video, or screen share is just a click away! Your team members can easily reply back in real-time.

This feature is ready to be used for any business on Microsoft 365. If you are an Aevo customer and don't see the option, please contact support to get it enabled.

You can learn more about sharing an email from Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Teams here.

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