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Training In A Minute: Using Data Types in Microsoft Excel

We've written about simple tables, dropdown interfaces, online data imports, geographical visualizations, and referencing data from other data sources, there's just a seemingly never ending list of cool things you can do with Excel. Data Types in Excel is just another great feature to know about in Excel.

Using Excel Data Types lets you easily pull linked data quickly into your spreadsheet that can be used however you like. Our demo uses U.S. States, but there are numerous data types available:

Using Data Types In Excel

  1. Create of column of data with a data type (In our example, we used States)

  2. Select the "Data" tab

  3. Select the "Data Type" (In our example, "Geography")

  4. Click your table, then click to add linked data to your table

With the linked data added to your table, you can use this data in formulas, charts, and with other components of your worksheet!

You can learn more about using Excel Data Types here!

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