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What to expect as an Aevo customer

Our approach to IT will help your business evolve and unlock its full potential.

"The high cost of IT"

Technology hardware, software, and personnel can be expensive and complicated. 


Projects can not only be time consuming, but include hidden costs related to researching and consulting.

CoreIT is based on flat monthly pricing that scales with your business and is designed to maximize your investment.

That price includes everything needed to support and maintain your infrastructure and staff.  Our platform will help improve productivity and add value to your business.

As you add new or updated technology into your business, the ongoing time to support and maintain that solution is included with this same monthly pricing.

Any time new technology infrastructure is being implemented, we call that a solutions project.

Our solutions projects are budget conscious and designed for efficiency to keep project costs down. Reducing costs further, research and planning services are included with CoreIT.

Any solution implemented rolls into CoreIT's support and maintenance.

Night Train

"We feel like we are stuck and not moving forward"

There's too much going on or too many distractions to get larger objectives done.

Your business may need new technology or is struggling to take advantage of technology you have already invested in.

Our service is designed to empower your leadership and staff through the use of technology.

Technology exists to help your business do more.  It can't do that if you can't trust it.

We proactively maintain, support, and secure your environment so that the technology you count on is functioning properly when you need it.

We also educate and train your staff at every opportunity on the technology and features available to them.

We believe it is your IT advisor's responsibility to help drive progress.  

As part of CoreIT we will design a technology vision that aligns directly with your business objectives.

We work directly with you to build a rhythm that helps moves the business forward.

From technology design and implementation to process enablement and modernization, we'll work directly with your leadership and staff to help!

"Worried about IT Support"

It can be challenging to find an IT provider that you can count on to properly support your staff and your business.

Great IT needs to be capable, responsive, and professional.

The core to solving this problem is having the right people.  And that's on us to make sure the right people are working with your business.

An Aevo employee will not be successful unless they are passionate about technology, service, and your business.

Through proactive workflows, excellent documentation, and modern support strategies, CoreIT enables us to consistently provide quality and prompt support for your technologies and team.

Every single solution that we implement is designed to be properly supported and maintained by our team.

Every project ends with documenting the details of the solution and training.

Whether you are using popular solutions from known vendors or a more custom solution for your business and industry, we train our CoreIT team to make sure they are ready to quickly support your business.

"Technology is confusing"

There's a lot of technical jargon to sort through as well as plenty of  marketing from vendors looking to "solve your problems". 


In some cases, it's even hard to get a straight answer for simple questions like "How much does this cost?" or "Does it have this feature?"

With technology, It it too easy to overcomplicate things.

Simplicity is our secret ingredient to solving this problem.  

We maintain documentation for your environment as well as streamline technical support as much as possible.

We train our team to communicate clearly to make sure it is easy to stay on the same page.

There can be a lot of moving parts to a technology project.


Our process focused project management approach keeps you constantly informed of the big picture, what's next, and what's coming.

This communication continues throughout the life of every Aevo solutions project.

"We need an IT strategy"

There can be too many technology options for a business to consider.

Do you go with Office 365?  Do you go with Google?  What's an AWS?  Is it OK to still use Windows XP?

Are you secure?  Are things backed up?  Is our server up to date?

Is our business too small? Are we able to scale properly?  Have we outgrown our current solutions?

Making sure your business and your technology are aligned with the big picture is an essential component of your IT strategy. 

From support, to backups, to research, CoreIT includes the core components needed in every business as a baseline.

We create a roadmap for your business that evolves and adapts to your business.  

We continously research, advise, and update that roadmap based on your needs and business objectives.

We simply won't recommend or implement a solution that isn't a right fit for your business.

Our design process requires an alignment with your business goals and needs.

Any solution implemented into your environment will align with your goals, be easy to support, and follow best practices for security, scale, and configuration.

"Our staff is not always In the office"

Having employees working remotely is becoming a common necessity. 


This creates challenges with support and infrastructure design.

Regardless of the size of your business, if your IT solutions aren't embracing modern concepts, you risk creating workflow and security holes that create serious risks! 

Our entire process structure is focused on supporting your computers, servers, services, and solutions... wherever they are.

We are able to support your users in their home office, on the road, or in your office.

We specialize in remote support practices and evolve our capabilities whenever possible.

Scale and Mobility are essential components to modern IT design.  Every solution we put in place can be designed for remote workforce enablement.

At the same time, your business won't need to compromise on security.

When designing a solution, we take into account your unique requirements as a business as well as the modern and proven technologies available to you.

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