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Did You Know You Can Use Word Online To Transcribe A Recording?

Recently Microsoft announced a new feature that allows you to use Word Online to upload an audio file for transcription. This feature allows you to upload a recording, transcribe that recording, identify speakers, and then copy the transcription into a Word document.

Using the feature is as simple as it sounds:

1. Open a document in Word Online (Desktop version will get this feature later!)

2. Select the transcribe feature:

3. Upload an audio file or record audio:

4. The transcription feature will automatically try to identify different speakers in your recording.

You can then label speakers and adjust text if needed. The checkbox "change all <speaker>" will update the label for each transcribed text segment for that detected speaker.

To hear the audio used click the timestamp to play the recording exactly where the transcribed text was detected.

5. Click "Add all to document" to copy the entire transcription into the Word document

You can then copy, format, and modify the texted however you need. If you ever need to copy the text again, you can click the "Add all to document" button again.

For a full tutorial on how to use this feature, click here.

Pretty cool, right?

Speech to text is not perfect, but with the integration of cloud technology and AI it has come a very long way. It's realistic to expect that you'll need to make a few edits to the detected transcription text. That said, the feature is impressive, easy to use, and is ready for you to start testing!

Word Online transcription is available for Microsoft Office 365 subscribers and is available for you to start testing out today. If you don't see the feature available, reach out to your IT contact to have it enabled.

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