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Training In A Minute: Scan A Document Using Your Phone and OneDrive

We are nearing the end of 2020 and we're still finding that many people don't realize they are walking around with a scanner in their pocket. Your phone can be used to scan, save, and sign documents.

While you likely won't want to use your phone to scan large quantities of pages at a time, it can be a fantastic tool to have ready when you need it.

How to scan a work document with your phone:

  1. Install OneDrive on your mobile device (iPhone / Android)

  2. Sign in with your work account

  3. Select the Scan Button (The camera icon on the bottom right)

  4. Set the mode to "Document"

  5. Tap the white circle to "Scan"

  6. Save the scanned file

  7. You can then access the scanned document via OneDrive on your phone, OneDrive from the web, or from your computer!

That's it! The scanned file will be securely stored, backed up, and protected by your company's IT policies. Pretty cool, right?

There are a lot of different options to explore within the OneDrive app (such as signing!). You can learn even more about using the scanning feature here.

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