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3 Tips To Help Stay Productive When Working From Home

The idea of "Working From Home" isn't new. The idea of telecommuting came into existence in the 70s and has evolved into an essential component for the modern office. In the right hands, it can be a fantastic way to enable a more flexible and comfortable way to work.

However, while many can maintain or even increase your productivity working remotely, it's very possible that you can struggle to stay productive as every remote/home office environment presents new challenges.

Here are a few tips for successfully working from home:

You need a dedicated workspace

It's important to create a work area in your home that you can dedicate towards being productive. A desk or table in your house where you have your computer and a good chair so you can comfortably give your work your focus.

Finding focus is a common challenge when working from home. Make sure your workspace is designed to help you keep your focus. If you are the type of person that is easily distracted, minimize your distractions until you build your home office habits (No TV!). If this work area has a door to help you have more privacy and block out distractions, even better!

And of course, once you do find your focus, it can be very easy to forget basics like standing up, stretching, taking a break, and drinking water. Remember to take breaks, just like you would in the office.

Have the "I'm working" talk with your family

If there are others in your household while you are working from home, they are going to interrupt you. You might be on a call or focused writing a very important email, and someone in your house will think you are available when you are not. Depending on the situation, this can lead to stress, problems with productivity, and potentially misguided frustration.

It's a great idea to have a chat with your family to explain what it means for you to work from home BEFORE you dive deep into that email or take the important call.

Modern business technologies are essential

Every business is a little bit different in terms of the specific technologies they need to be successful to support a remote workforce.

However, every business needs secure and fast ways to...

  • Access workflow critical applications (Your ERP / CRM / Accounting System / Etc.)

  • Access business information, files, email, and tasks

  • Collaborate with employees and co-workers

Fortunately there are now plenty of fantastic solutions that help support a remote workforce while at the same time helping you evolve your existing workflows. These technologies help you get safely connected remotely and help your teams stay in sync despite being physically apart.

Remember to test things out before you work with your customers. Haven't done a screen share meeting before? Do a test run with a co-worker to make sure your audio and video sharing features are working properly.

If your business does not provide modern remote access tools or have a collaboration platform, this can add significant challenges to successfully working from home. Now is the time to start embracing them!

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