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A Simple Monitor Change Can Improve Productivity In Your Business

Do you or your office staff use multiple monitors with your computers? If you do, then you probably already understand the benefits. If you don't, you are missing out on an easy productivity boost.

Numerous studies in the industry over the years have shown that adding more screen real estate has a direct impact on your productivity. If you are still using an older single monitor, it's time to consider an upgraded display solution. Most modern machines already support multiple screens and if not, it's relatively cost effective to add support to your existing computers.

A few solutions to consider:

  • Brand new monitors are much more affordable than most people realize with a typical business class monitor a couple hundred dollars. Higher end models can give you even more screen real estate and color accuracy. It's also possible to mount your monitors via a monitor stand or arm to maximize your desk space.

  • For smaller desks, a single large modern monitor can do wonders. From an ultra wide screen aspect ratio to simply a higher resolution display, a new display can allow you to see more of what you need to focus on or make it easier to "keep a window" on the side.

  • A great cost effective upgrade is to use old monitors as your secondary screen. An older monitor can work well with most devices, though adapters might be needed to make them compatible with your newer computers

  • If you are using a laptop, modern "docks" let you connect multiple monitors, a keyboard and mouse, and can even charge your laptop, all with a single cable! You can use your laptop screen as a monitor in combination with the monitors connected to the dock. For many offices, a laptop and dock combination have replaced having more traditional desktop setups.

Modernizing your office is more than just new computers or fancy software. Something as simple as a new monitor can have a large impact on your workflow, efficiency, and employee happiness. If you have old monitors or haven't standardized on multiple monitors in your business, it's time to consider a change!

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