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Adding Workflow Automation To Your Business Is Only Getting Easier

Well, this is exciting for Office 365 customers! 

Microsoft Flow is now Power Automate.  If you aren't familiar with this product, Power Automate (Flow) is an Office 365 service that can add automation steps to almost anything. For example, let's say you wanted to have a web form send an email or automatically request manager approval after it has been completed. Your business can enable workflow steps using Power Automate to make this happen.

Microsoft has published a great article that gives an overview of some of the new features.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Removal of "coding" requirements for many workflows

  • New form integrations between Teams , Sharepoint, and PowerApps

  • The ability to utilize features with your guest users

  • Power Virtual Agents that allow you to quickly create chat bots for your Teams

  • Easier integration with your cloud and on-premise data

Modernizing your workflow is a key component towards a company's digital transformation. Updates like this empowers more businesses to implement the type of automation that lets you do more with less in a more efficient way.

By streamlining how you implement these new technologies and reducing many of the more typical programmatic barriers, many of these new features will let businesses with fewer technical skill sets implement new forms of workflow automation and innovation in their business.

If you have wanted to implement some basic workflow changes in your business (e.g. "Let's make a change request form" or "I want Teams to let us know if X happens") it is now much easier to do this.

If you are already an Office 365 customer, you likely already have the licenses you need to make this happen with minimal training. There's no better time to start exploring!

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