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Get Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing For Free

Your business may qualify for a promotion that gives you a year of Microsoft Audio Conferencing licenses for free.

Your business may be paying for a service (Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc.) to host your meetings. Paired with this license, Teams can completely replace these services.

So what is an "Audio Conferencing" license?

With Microsoft Teams, a meeting consists of a host and their invited guests. Anyone can join that meeting with a PC, Mac, Smartphone, or Tablet. This is standard for any business using Microsoft Teams. When you make a normal meeting invite, it looks like this:

However, there is another feature that allows each meeting to have a dial-in audio conferencing phone bridge. This feature allows anyone to dial-in with a telephone to join the audio. It also includes centralized security and configuration portals to streamline enablement and management.

With this license assigned, your meeting invites will include dial-in numbers:

A lot of businesses might already have Teams up and running, but many do not have the ability to have a phone bridge as it is an extra charge for most license levels.

Microsoft's promotion provides a 1 year, full featured, enterprise grade audio conferencing solution to businesses for free.

So how do you get the promotional license?

Well, if you are an Aevo customer, you've already been contacted to enable the service. For non-Aevo customers, you'll need to contact your IT department or vendor to hook you up! If you don't have an IT vendor or department, here's a great company to contact!

Once the promotional licenses are provisioned, it take can take a couple of hours for the service to be ready for testing. With the service enabled, every user with the license will have dial-in info automatically added to meeting invites.

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