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Training In a Minute - Adjusting Your Windows 11 Touchpad Settings

Most modern Windows laptops utilize multi-touch touchpads that support all sorts of features that you might not know about.

Did you know that you can slide 3 fingers up on your touchpad to view all open windows? How about the fact that you can pinch to zoom in and out like you would on your phone? Ever wish your cursor would move a little bit faster or slower across the screen?

These kinds of multi-touch settings are available, but also are configurable to your preference!

How to Access Touchpad Settings

Sure, you could go into settings and find this, but it's about to be 2024! Use the built in search function to find what you need!

  1. Click the Windows Button (or press the windows key on your keyboard)

  2. Type "touchpad"

  3. Select "Touchpad settings"

  4. Explore the Touchpad settings screen

Use the slider to adjust your cursor speed. You can change how "taps" work to make your touchpad work the way you like!

Coming from a different device that scrolls down by sliding two fingers down or just prefer it that way? Switch your scrolling direction in the "Scroll & zoom" section

Configure your Three-finger and Four-finger gestures to work just the way you want them to. Hate that something pops up when you tap? Turn it off! Wish it did something else? Change it!

Remember that these settings will take effect as soon as you change them. If you ever need to revert your changes back, simply go back into the Touchpad settings and update your preferences.

To learn more about this, click here!

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