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How To Tell If You Have An Old Phone System

An email, texting, or sending a chat message are great ways to communicate. However, sometimes nothing can beat the power or efficiency of actually talking to someone with your voice. The phone system used by your business is the core pillar for communication. If you have an older system, you are likely going to encounter limitations keeping you from evolving your processes and is potentially very expensive compared to more modern options.

Here are a few signs that you have an old phone system:

You are paying too much

A modern phone system is going to cost $15 to $35+ per user, per month. That's it.

Basic vendor support is typically included, but real business support from a provider can add to that cost. The variables there are the number of people in your business and the types of phones/features you plan on using.

Modern phone systems use a technology called "Voice Over IP" (VOIP). This technology essentially uses networking to handle phone calls instead of physical lines running into your office. Since the introduction of VOIP many years ago, phone systems have become more affordable. As phone systems have become more IT focused, the cost to support them have come down greatly!

Take a look at your phone bill, if you think you are paying too much, you likely have an old phone system!

You need to be next to your phone to answer a call

The way we work is changing. More often, there are people in a business who are not tethered to their desk. All modern phone systems are designed to help your business embrace mobility. This means having features that allow a phone call to "ring" your desk phone, an app on your cell phone, or even your actual cell phone number, all at the same time. It also means that your phone won't be tied to a VPN or piece of bridging hardware to function.

This enables modern workplace habits. It makes it easier to setup home, branch, and temporary offices. It allows you accommodate special circumstances with staff as well as unique situations with your various teams.

If your phones only work while you are in the office, good chance you have an old phone system!

It takes a long time to make changes

Older systems are more complicated to work with. In some situations, your phone vendor might not even be able to remotely make changes. They might need to come physically to your office to update settings or configure how your system works.

In a modern system, most configuration changes take a few minutes and can be done in the cloud. And, while your support team handling these changes makes things easier, some settings you can do yourself with little to no training! By design, this reduces the costs to support the system.

If you find changes in your system are taking too long or your support team is struggling to fulfill requests, good chance you are on an old phone system!

Your phone system is in your office

A typical business doesn't need to have physical phone servers or phone hardware in their office, yet, if you have an older phone system, you likely have at least a few pieces of equipment.

Most modern phone systems are based in the cloud. Your website is probably in the cloud. Your email is in the cloud (or it should be!). You hopefully have cloud backups as part of your IT backup strategy. Your phone system should be in the cloud too. No server hardware in the office that needs to be maintained or backed up. Whether the internet or power in your office is working, your customers/clients can still call the system.

If you have a phone system physically in your office, good chance you have an old phone system!

But wait, aren't you an IT Services Company?

Aevo is not a phone system company, so why are we talking about phones? Our focus is IT, and the definition of IT is changing. Collaboration in a business is greatly enhanced by great technology solutions. As phone systems have modernized over the years, new systems integrate with your identity and technology workflows.

In a modern business, phone systems are not in a silo away from your IT solutions and team, they are incorporated into your greater infrastructure and solutions design.

And that's before even considering all the cool features (video meetings, screen sharing, calendar syncing, e-faxing, and more!) that only come from a modern communication solutions!

Interested in having a conversation about technology in your business?

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