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PSA: Microsoft Publisher Still Exists

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application that can be used for creating brochures, newsletters, cards, bulletins, and other types of graphical documents that you can print, email, or use in other applications.

It is an application that has existed since 1991 and is included with the Microsoft Office suite. It's an application that is often overlooked and gets updated at a slower pace than more popular applications like Word, Excel, or Outlook.

You likely have it installed on your computer right now, and it's very possible you have never used it.

So what do you use Microsoft Publisher for?

You can use Publisher for pretty much anything. From cards to posters to email announcements. There are examples throughout the website of images and PDFs that started in Publisher.

Some recent use cases:

  • Sales Brochure

  • A monthly newsletter

  • Email Holiday Greeting

  • Social Media Post

  • Design drafts for a website

  • "Wear a mask" posters for the front door

  • Reminder Bulletins for a bulletin board

  • Graphical announcement used in Teams

Why use Publisher instead of something better?

It's easy to use and you are probably already paying for it.

Microsoft Publisher Training is free and there are ready to use templates for pretty much any situation you can think of. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Office Desktop Apps, the default installation includes Microsoft Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher is not the best desktop or graphic design software out there. There are several fantastic options available for desktop and graphic design. Applications like InDesign and Photoshop are industry standards for good reasons. They are extremely powerful, but can have a learning curve and will have an additional cost for licensing.

Sometimes "the best" isn't the right solution. Sometimes all you need is something quick, simple, and ready for you to use.

Remember that Publisher exists the next time you need to make a brochure, announcement, or really just any quick graphic. It just might be the right tool for the job!

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