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Training In A Minute: Alt + Enter To Add A New Line In Excel

When you are working in Excel, sometimes you want to add more information or organize your data so that it is easier to read. While there are lot's of ways to present data, sometimes a little bit of spacing can make a huge difference in how organized your tables and worksheets can look.

How to add a new line of text in Excel

  1. Select a cell you want to add a new line to

  2. Move your cursor to where you want to add a new line

  3. Press ALT + ENTER to add a new line


  • You can click and drag below the edit window to make it larger

  • You can select text within a cell to add additional formatting

  • Use "Wrap Text" and adjust your column width and row heights to help organize your table and text layouts

Click here to learn more learn more about using this feature.

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