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Training In A Minute - How To Share Your Outlook Calendar

Did you know that with just a few clicks in Microsoft Outlook you can share access to your calendar with your co-workers? Just remember to make sure that the people you share your calendar with only have the permissions you want them to have!

Sharing your Outlook Calendar

1. Open Outlook

2. Go to your Calendar in Outlook

3. Click "Share Calendar" or "Share"

  • Note that the share icon will look slightly different depending on which version of Outlook you are using and the view settings of your application:

4. Select the calendar that you want to share

  • By default, you should see a calendar named "Calendar" , this is your calendar

5. Use the "Calendar Properties" window to add people and control permissions

  • Click "Add" to add people to have access to your calendar

  • Once added, select a user and adjust what permissions they should have

  • The user will receive an email invitation to gain access to your calendar

6. Once the person you have added accepts their invitation, they will be able to access your calendar.

  • You can adjust permissions as needed going forward.

  • To remove access, follow the same process to access the "Calendar Properties" window except click "Remove" instead of "Add"

There's more you can do with calendar sharing and the feature is available in all current versions of Microsoft Outlook, including the web version. Click here to learn more about using this feature.

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