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Training In A Minute - Press 'Win+H' To Use Voice Typing Dictation

Did you know that dictation features are available and just a key press away in Windows 10 and Windows 11? The feature is available on both the 'Home' and 'Business' version of Windows.

How to use Windows Voice Typing

  1. Select somewhere where you would normally type

  2. Press Windows logo key + H

  3. Start talking!

Select the "Gear" to access the settings menu to adjust the launcher, enable or disable "auto-punctuation", and the microphone used for dictation:

There are several voice commands (ex. "Delete That") to control dictation and to select and delete text. You can learn more about these commands here.

On a Mac? You have this feature too! There are a couple of extra steps to take to enable the feature. Learn more here!

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