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Training In A Minute - Use "Do Not Disturb" to Control Your Outlook Mobile Notifications

With more and more people working in different time zones and operating in different hours, it's very easy to receive email notifications well past your normal business hours.

Built into Outlook Mobile you are able to control these notifications and "snooze" them on-demand and on a schedule.

Configuring Do Not Disturb

1. Open Outlook on your mobile device

2. Select the menu button

3. Select the icon on the top right (note that this icon might look different depending on the version of Outlook you are running)

4. Select options to configure based on your needs

Don't forget to click the checkmark on the top right to save your settings!

Want to learn more? Click here for free Outlook Mobile training.

For even more great tips on not just Outlook mobile but the desktop version too, check out 12 New Features in Outlook for 2022 from Mike Tholfsen!

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