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Training In A Minute: Using OneNote For Outlook Meeting Notes

Notetaking is an essential ingredient for staying organized. Whether you are using software to document tasks, a physical notebook, or a digitial notebook, taking notes has numerous benefits.

If you have Microsoft 365, you have one of the best digital Notebooks available to you, OneNote.

There is a lot you can do with OneNote, but did you know you can quickly take Outlook meeting notes with just a couple of clicks?

Inserting Outlook Meeting Details Into OneNote

Use this to add meetings into OneNote. Very useful if you already have a page you want to use or prefer to start in OneNote.

  1. Open OneNote

  2. Select A Page To Insert Details Into

  3. Click the "Home" Tab if it isn't already selected

  4. Click "Meeting Details"

  5. Select the Meeting you want to add details

  6. Done!

Send Meeting Details From Outlook to OneNote

This method starts in Outlook and ends in OneNote and is the fastest way to get your meeting details into OneNote if you don't already have it open

  1. Open Outlook

  2. Open an Appointment In Your Calendar (Also works with an email!)

  3. Select "Send to OneNote"

  4. Select "Take Notes on your own" or "Share notes with the meeting"

  5. Select a notebook / location to create the OneNote page with your meeting details

  6. Done!

Wrapping Up

It's no secret we are huge fans of OneNote. But, regardless of our preferences, improving your notetaking habits is always a good thing to focus on!

You can learn more about taking meeting notes here. For a free full online video training class on OneNote, click here.

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